How to become a professional gamer?

Dendi Dota 2

22 December, 2019


Hello, if you are here you probably want to know how to become professional gamer, earn fame and money. For becoming a professional, you need to understand how things work in the world of gaming, the challenges it possesses and what one needs to do in order to strive for greatness. Gaming has gone through a series of changes since its inception. At the very start, it was considered as an amusement activity to pass time and burst some stress. However, with time the competitiveness of the games began to catch attention and gaming started to become more like an actual sport. Professionally played games are called esport titles.

The world of gaming and professional esports has become a very profitable path, but it is not easy to walk it. If you already feel demotivated at this point, professional gaming probably isn’t the right choice for you. For the ones who have continued to read, we will discuss what one needs in order to be a successful professional gamer.

What it takes to become a professional gamer?

Well, it takes a lot of dedication. One word which summarizes the whole concept of becoming successful at anything. However, the process is not that simple. For showing dedication in gaming one must be passionate about it. Playing for several hours must not feel tiring but refreshing and exhilarating. Losing in games and small roadblocks along the way will never bother someone who is dedicated and motivated to play. Great athletes don’t give up easily and even if they do, they bounce back stronger.


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Picking the right game is very important as well. Just like any other sport, some people are more attracted to tennis others might feel inclined towards football. Some people are naturally good at one sport than other. For example: I am pretty good at shooting games in general but I spend most of my game time playing Dota 2 which is a MOBA title. Then again I am not an esports athlete.

Most difficult part

After you have picked the right game and practiced it enough, there is one more crucial step which remains unexplored. It is showing perseverance to keep pushing even if the world is against you. This is something which a professional gamer needs more than any other. At this point you must be thinking isn’t perseverance the same thing as dedication? No! Dedication is just you fuel for motivation.

Perseverance is like your engine which keeps you going, it doesn’t matter if your wheels are tired or torn. Just like any other sports, esports will be a test of your endurance and grit. Once you get better than an average gamer, you will come to know there are a thousand other people already over the level you are playing. Trust me, this is a cycle which continues for a long time. However, once you cross it, there is a big sun shining at the end.

The final thing to remember

Bear with me while I talk about my last point. Remember you just saw a sun shining at the end of a difficult cycle? This is the light of success. This metaphorically means you have the skill set and talent of an esports athlete. You have reached your destination and fulfilled your dream. But the light of success is blinding, one needs to control themselves otherwise the light will blind them. I know I am twisting things by using metaphors for fun. Here, let me make it simple. Once a person achieves great success, it grows on them. Everything from fame, over confidence, pride and ego. One needs to stay humble and grounded even if they are flying high otherwise they will face an irrecoverable fall. Stability and consistency is key once you have reached the professional stage. Never forget there are others just like you who are ready to replace you.


I have tried my best to demotivate you, but if you are still feeling motivated, well then great you are positive and optimistic. On a serious note, if you want to take this road of hardship, you have my blessings. I believe in you. You should believe in yourself too, you never know how things will pan out but whatever happens you will come out stronger and better than ever. So why not try and fail instead of not trying and sitting here reading this lecture of mine? Good luck 🙂

A little note: If you have any questions on esports and other stuff related to it. We are here in Games Corner to help you out. We are gamers just like you; we love gaming and would love to help you out.


  1. Arun Kumar

    Hi..I’m arun..I love gaming… So any scoop of gaming career!! To earn money by play the games..

    • IflipyourSushi

      Depends on which game you play Arun. The games which are doing good in India in the esports scene have more scope. However, the path is not easy.