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Games Corner came into existence on September 16, 2013, with a vision to offer gamers optimal game setups, fostering their enjoyment and skill development across various gaming genres. Our aim is to contribute to the growth of esports, making it an integral component of India’s gaming landscape.

Our Mission

GC offers professional-grade computers and equipment tailored for gamers seeking to refine their skills. Our infrastructure is designed to support individuals aspiring to pursue careers in esports. Additionally, we cater to gamers seeking casual entertainment, providing a range of services.

Within our cafe, gamers can also enjoy affordable food and beverages. We prioritize delivering a premium gaming experience, utilizing authentic brands to construct our systems and guarantee an unforgettable gaming session. Our monitors boast a refresh rates of 144Hz/240Hz and a one-millisecond response time, virtually eliminating input lag.

The combination of high FPS, exceptional displays, and professional peripherals creates an immersive environment crucial for competitive players. Moreover, our robust networking infrastructure ensures seamless gameplay and uninterrupted internet connectivity, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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What We Do


Our goal is to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences to our community. Through dedication and effort, we endeavor to establish an esports ecosystem that nurtures both novice and seasoned gamers, fostering growth and development within the gaming community.

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